Choosing a Walking Stick

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Choosing a Walking Stick

Points to consider when choosing a walking stick

Choosing a Walking Stick

Some things to consider when choosing a walking stick

1.Medical Walking Sticks
Firstly, most of our walking sticks are not classified as medical aids. For example a novelty cane with a rabbit head handle is a collectible item and not to be used for balance or support.

We do sell robust and orthopaedic sticks that can be relied on for balance and support and the handmade ones are made to last at least a lifetime of good use. Please read the information for each category if you are unsure or follow the recommendations form your doctor or physiotherapist.

2. Handle Types
For handle types, please see the following page Walking Stick Handle Types

3. Recreational Walking Sticks
The sticks in the Country Sticks section are for outdoor pursuits such as rambling, hiking, fishing and animal husbandry. Flip sticks, shooting sticks and seat sticks are also for recreational use and should not be used by anyone who has difficulty with their balance. Seat sticks are like a combination of camping chairs and something to lean on when you need a little rest.

4. Measurements
The walking sticks we supply fall into three main categories; height adjustable, 91cm (36 inch) wooden sticks or extra tall sticks at various heights. Choose a height adjustable stick for practical purposes or a wooden stick shortened to your desired height instead. The correct height is determined by the user standing up with their arms straight to their sides and measuring the distance from their wrist to the ground. This measurement is the total height stick needed.

5. User Weight Limits
All of the walking sticks are tested up to a user weight of 15 stone. The seat sticks show the user weight limit in their respective product descriptions. For all walking sticks held at wrist height, the user weight must be respected. For hiking staves and thumbsticks this doesn't matter as the stick is gripped at shoulder height and therefore no pressure applied on it.

5. Can't Find What You Are Looking For?
Email or call us with your requirements and we will see if we can source the walking stick you are seeking or get it made fro you.

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