Colourful Silhouette Umbrellas

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Colourful Silhouette Umbrellas

Perfect when its raining cats and dogs! These beautiful umbrellas will keep you protected. The designs feature 1 large silhouette on each of the 8 canopy panels. These are contemporary, colourful, stylish, classic rain umbrellas with beautiful prints.

14mm diameter steel shaft (painted black for rust resistance)
Comfortable 4 inch wide wooden crook handle
Velcro strap for easy opening and closing
Fibreglass ribs providing extra strength and wind resistance
Steel End Cap (like a walking stick ferrule)
Automatic opening mechanism with heavy duty spring
100% 190 thread count Pongee (finest quality polyester) canopy with waterproof coating
48-inch Arc Canopy with a 12 inch depth

Beagle Umbrella sf2

£25.00Beagle Umbrella

Border Collie Umbrella sf3

£25.00 Border Collie Umbrella

Boston Terrier Umbrella sf4

£25.00 Boston Terrier Umbrella

Boxer Umbrella sf5

£25.00Boxer Umbrella

British Bulldog Umbrella sf6

£25.00British Bulldog Umbrella

German Shepherd Umbrella sf8

£25.00German Shepherd Umbrella

Chihuahua Umbrella sf10

£25.00Chihuahua Umbrella

Cocker Spaniel Umbrella sf11

£25.00Cocker Spaniel Umbrella

Greyhound Umbrella sf20

£25.00Greyhound Umbrella

Schnauzer Umbrella sf28

£25.00Schnauzer Umbrella

Doodle Umbrella sf15

£25.00Doodle Umbrella

Scottish Terrier Umbrella sf30

£25.00Scottish Terrier Umbrella

Shih Tzu Umbrella sf31

£25.00Shih Tzu Umbrella

Grey Labrador Umbrella sf25

£25.00Grey Labrador Umbrella

West Highland Terrier Umbrella sf33

£25.00West Highland Terrier Umbrella

Doberman Umbrella sf14

£25.00Doberman Umbrella

Golden Retriever Umbrella sf19

£25.00Golden Retriever Umbrella

Jack Russell Umbrella sf22

£25.00Jack Russell Umbrella

Labrador Puppies Umbrella sf23

£25.00Labrador Puppies Umbrella

Welsh Corgi Umbrella sf32

£25.00Welsh Corgi Umbrella

Reindeer Umbrella sf38

£25.00Reindeer Umbrella

Dachsund Puppies Umbrella sf12

£25.00Dachsund Puppies Umbrella

Dachshund Umbrella sf13

£25.00Dachshund Umbrella

French Bulldog Umbrella sf18

£25.00 French Bulldog Umbrella

Labrador Umbrella sf24

£25.00Labrador Umbrella

Pug Umbrella sf27

£25.00Pug Umbrella

Poodle Umbrella sf26

£25.00Poodle Umbrella

Dolphin Umbrella sf41

£25.00Dolphin Umbrella

Owl Umbrella sf42

£25.00Owl Umbrella

Schnauzer Umbrella sf29

£25.00Schnauzer Umbrella

Blue Cats Umbrella sf7

£25.00Blue Cats Umbrella

White Cats Umbrella sf9

£25.00White Cats Umbrella

Elephant Umbrella sf36

£25.00Elephant Umbrella

Horse Umbrella sf37

£25.00Horse Umbrella

Rabbit Umbrella sf39

£25.00Rabbit Umbrella

Pink Pig Umbrella sf40

£25.00Pink Pig Umbrella

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