Pashmina Colour Glossary

Pashmina Colour Glossary

A colour guide to choosing the correct shade of pashmina

Pashmina Colour Glossary

Whites, Greys and Black

Definitely not a brilliant or pure white! Pashminas in this colour are an off white or ivory colour.

Winter White
Like pancake batter. A rich cream colour.

Vapor Blue
A ghostly tint of blue and grey.

A beautiful silver/grey colour, this is one of the best selling pashies!

Steeple Grey
The colour of a church steeple in the British countryside or a summer heavy rain cloud about to burst.

Folkstone Grey
A darkish grey with blue tones. Pashminas of this colour look cold.

A pinky dark grey colour.

Dark Shadow
A very dark grey. Gun metal grey, almost black, like your shadow on the pavement on a winter's evening walk.

Jet black, completely pure black

Yellows and Oranges, Peaches and Apricots

Sunny Lime
Think of lime and lemon cordial mixed together. A very light yellow/green like sulphur.

Mellow Yellow
Like the top of Devonshire clotted cream. A smooth yellowy cream colour. Also like marzipan.
Bright as the flower, fresh as the spring

Almost mustard with a hint of orange blossom

Like the honeycomb in a Crunchie bar

21st century peach, fruity as the cocktail

Peach Nectar
A light pinky peach colour.

Pashminas this colour are like the flesh of an apricot or papaya fruit.

Harvest Pumpkin
A deep, vibrant orange, just like a Halloween pumpkin or a basket ball!

Spicy Orange
The spicy orange pashminas are a mush redder version of the Harvest Pumpkin. Think a deep red/orange.


Rose of Sharon
Pink and as a puppy's tongue

Lilac Sachet
A pale pink, similar to baby pink witha hint of lilac.

Very Berry
A very bright and showy pink. Bold and brash.

A fruity, fresh colour, like the skin of lychees.

Raspberry Wine
Pashminas in this colour look like a bowl of fresh raspberries of the inside of a watermelon.

A medium to dark, dusky pink. A sort of grown up pink.

Bright Rose
This one is a shade pinker than the Raspberry Wine

Hot Pink
A bright, bright pink. Sexy pink.

Chateau Rose
A couple of shades lighter than the Carmine.

Quartz Pink
A peachy pink, light in tone.

Pink Lady
A delicate and pale pink, much lighter than baby pink its pretty and fine.

Barely Pink
Like double cream with a touch, just a touch of pink.

Wood Rose
A dusky, pinky lilac colour.

Wild Ginger
The colour of seedless grapes, a little dusty and less purple, more dusky, pinky, red.

Red Violet
A tiny shade darker than the Chateau Rose, this pashmina is a warm and comforting colour.


Fiery Red
Red as the velvet on a theatre curtain or red chillies, bright red lipstick.

Pompeian Red
Royal Mail post box red. A deep true red.

Rio Red
A rich, deep red.

Dry Rose
The colour of radishes, a dusty, red, grey colour. Like red oinions when they have more of a dusty red peel than the purple peel.

Bolder than beetroot.

A deep, rich red, redder than the Burgandy. Like a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Purples, Lavenders, Lilacs

Deep Orchid
A lively and bright pinky, purple colour. Google "Orchid" and you will see exactly this colour

A pretty pinky lilac colour. More pink than lilac.

Like the Amethyst stone but pinker and less purple.

Goxinia is like a red cabbage

Yes like the darkest elements of a fig skin. A very dark burgandy colour.

Grape Royale
A little bit lighter and with more purple than an aubergine or eggplant.

Blackberry Cordial
Just like ripe blackberries, a deep and dark purple.

Much darker than Blackberry Cordial, this colour is a very dark purple.

Purple Haze
A lovely light purple.

A bluey mauve colour. Light and bold at the same time.

Blue Iris
Just like a Blue Iris flower. A lovely blue/lilac/lavender colour.

Cosmic Sky
A very light mauve.

Fair Orchid
A very delicate pink witha touch of lavender.

Dusty Lavender
A pinky lavender colour.

Browns, Stone, Beige

Just a little bit dustier than the Cocoa Brown. So imagine cocoa powder with caster sugar mixed in.

Like beige travertine stone floor tiles.

Rose Dust
This is a light beige colour with the tiniest hint of pink.

Candied Ginger
Like travertine stone floor tiles.

Ginger Bread
We think this is just like ginger bread dough before baking. Think of brown sugar and treacle.

Barn Red
A rich brown/red. Like the colour of the ubiquitous barns you see in Sweden.

Cocoa Brown
Yes, just like cocoa powder or drinking choclate before you add the hot water or milk.

This is an opulent chocolatey brown. Certainly looks edible.

Coffee Bean
A very dark brown, like coffee beans.

Pashminas this colour are halfway between Cocoa brown and Coffee Bean. Think of the dark areas on a sepia photograph and you have it.

Antique Bronze
A light bronze colour, these pashminas (especially the 70% cashmere, 30% silk kind) look stylish and rich.

A pinky, sandy shell colour. Delicate and light.

A sand, stone colour.

A rich and creamy sand colour. Olivenite pashminas look like perfectly baked french baguettes.


Green Haze
A very light green/yellow colour. Like elderflower cordial.

Desert Sage
A very light green. Cool and minty.

A light grey/green colour. A shade lighter than Woodbine.

Sea Grass
A very light green/grey colour.

Duck Green
A greyish green like a mallard's head. It is a soft and gentle green.

Grape Leaf
A dark, moody green, like stuffed grape leaves in Middle Eastern restaurants.

Forest Green
A vibrant green, the colour of new growth on pine trees.

Moss colour. A warm, growing green that makes you think of moss and lichen in the woods.

A pale green. Like the peas and the pods only a little lighter still.

Lime Green
Alive and bright lime green. This colour is super fresh, clean and crispy.

Online Lime
Like really keen broccoli stems. A wide awake lime.

Willow Bough
A medium green that looks productive. The same colour as the stems of a bunch of spring onions or cucumber skin.

Green Gables
A very dark green with a bit of grey. Like the darkest green vegetable or salad leaves you can find.

Verdant Green
Think of green leafy vegetables and pesto.

North Sea
This is a light to medium dusty green, like the leaves of the lavender plant or sweet peas, though a touch bluer.

A greener turquiose, this is a bold, vivid greeny turquiose. Looks great with red hair!


Biscay Bay
A bold and bright blue with a turquoise touch.

Aqua Sky
A true torquiose blue.

Blue Glow
A very light and deliate turquoise like the Emerald Coast around Olbia, Sardinia.

A pale blue, paler than baby blue. The colour of the sky on a summer's night when the colour fades away and it's almost white.

Blue Mist
On the bluer side of turquoise. This is a vibrant and bold colour blue.

A medium blue with green and grey.

Like the shutters on Provencial houses.

Princess Blue
A deep, medium blue like a bottle of Radox bubble bath.

Deep Water
The colour of clear deep sea water, like dive spots in the Red Sea or Coral Sea.

Clematis Blue
A vivid royal blue. Like the Purplish Blue Veronica flower.

Insignia Blue
A dark blue with grey tones. Google "Insignia Blue" and you will find all sorts of goods to buy in this colour.

Nightshadow Blue
Grey with blue tones.

Parisian Blue
Delphinium and corn flower blue mixed together. A fairly light blue, a few shades darker than baby blue.

Brilliant Blue
A bold, bright, true blue. Brilliant blue.

Milky Blue
Like the flowers of a blue Hydrangea. A milky light blue, similar in tone to baby blue.

Dark Navy
Pashminas this colour are exactly like the name, a dark navy.

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