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Pashmina Count and Ply

From twill and hand woven to jacquard and ring. Find out about pashmina styles

Pashmina Styles and Weaves

What Ply?
The ply refers to the number of strands used to make the yarn. Each strand is twisted and then put together to form a particular thickness of yarn. So a 2 ply pashmina such as the popular 70/30 stole is a fine, tight weave, a 1 ply item such as the Jacquard water pashmina is very fine and lightweight, while a 4 ply shawl is a thicker, fluffier piece such as the Winter Wavy shawl.

What Count?
The nature of fabric yarns (being generally soft and squashy) make it difficult to measure the diameter of the yarn so a count  value is given instead. The count refers to the number of yards of yarn weighing 1 gram. For example, the pure cashmere pashminas are 28 count pashminas, meaning 28 yards of cashmere yarn were used to make each gram.

Swarovski Crystals
We love Swarovski crystals! They make already special items look even better with a few sparkles here and there. We can personalise your pashmina for you with Swarovski crystal initials and we can make intricate designs of your choice. This work is priced individually. Please contact us today to discuss the options.

What Weave?

Handspun Weave, Handspun cashmere
Handspinning cashmere gives the finished scarf or shawl a natural, irregular appearance and results in a beautifully soft fabric. The angelweave pashminas are made from pure, hand woven cashmere.

Warp and Weft
The warp is the vertical thread and the weft is the horizontal.

Twill weave
This is a tighter weave used for the classic range of 70/30 pashminas

Jacquard refers to the design woven into this 2ply pashmina. The design is elegant and subtle and looks amazing.

Jacquard Water
This is a single ply, super fine weave that has a delicate jacquard pattern weaved into it. The yarn is 60 count what means 60 yards of yarn is used to make just 1 gram.

Herringbone weave refers to the chevron shape of the weave produced.

Boxweave weave refers to the square shape of the weave produced.

Ring Pashminas
Ring pashminas are very fine, single ply pashminas. They are very elegant and even though made from one layer of cashmere, they are incredibly warm and fantastically light in weight.

Wavy Weave
Wavy weave refers to the shape of the weave produced. The 4ply yarn makes a 250 gram weight shawl.

Whichever style of pashmina you buy, you will be amazed at the beauty, quality, lightness, softness and warmth of it and (beware) you will want to buy lots more!

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