Which size pashmina should I choose

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Which size pashmina should I choose

What size should I choose?

We stock or you can have custom made six different sized pashminas;

Small Scarf 30 x 150cm (12" x 60")
A small scarf is to be worn as a neck scarf. You can add a splash of colour and a little bit of luxury at a very reasonable price.
Large Scarf 45 x 200cm (18" x 80")
The large scarf size make really perfect winter warmer scarves and they can also be worn open across the shoulders, tied around the waist or over one shoulder. It is a true accessory size.
Medium Stole 55 x 200cm (22" x 80")
The medium stole is the « just right » size. In between a large scarf and a stole, this is a versatile piece that can be worn as a scarf, draped around the shoulders an in many other ways to compliment your outfit.
Stole 70 x 200cm (27" x 80")
The stole is the most popular size pashmina. There are a myriad ways or wearing it; as a scarf, a shawl, a bolero, a wrap. Read more here. We have 50 colours in stock but you can also design your own and have it made to order in about 3 weeks.
Shawl 90 x 200cm (36" x 80")
A shawl is worn open around your whole body. Completely wrap yourself up in the world's most luxurious fabric. Great as a super warm, super soft and super lightweight blanket too.
Large Shawl 130 x 200cm (51" x 80")
This is a made to order option, even bigger than a standard shawl.

A note about colours..
Did you know that the human eye can detect over 10 million different colours! Add subjectivity and differing screen resolutions to this and there's the problem. The images on this website were taken with a top notch camera by a top notch photographer but they will still look slightly different.

If you want to match a pashmina scarf to a particular outfit (for a wedding for example) then we recommend that buy a swatch book so that you can see the coloured fabric swatches in the flesh. Your scarf will exactly match the colours in the swatch book.

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