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Walking Stick Handles

Discover the difference between a crutch and crook or a lyre and thumbstick

Walking Sick Handle Types

We supply virtually every type of walking cane there is. Here is a brief run down of the different types of handles you can find on a walking stick

Crutch Handle
Our crutch handled walking sticks are generally lighter with a smaller handle, therefore more suited to women. They offer a good grip and we have a large range to chose fro.

Escort Handle
A very comfortable style of handle, ideal for everyday walking stick users. The handle can be gripped in either hand and these sticks are often purchased as a pair.

Derby Handles
You have probably heard of Derby canes and they are our best-selling sticks.
The Derby handle can be hooked over your arm to free up your hands when required. We offer a vast range of Derby canes in height adjustable, fixed height wooden and extra tall sticks.

Anatomical or Orthopaedic Handle
These are our most comfortable style of handles that fit the shape of your palm for a reassuring and comfortable grip.
All of these sticks are stocked in left and right hand models and are often purchased in a pair.

Stag Antler Handles
Naturally cast red stag antlers are used to make these handles. The antlers are grown and shed every year by the stags. The antler offers five different cuts that can be used for stick making. The Y shape is for thumbsticks, the crown for standard for hip height walking sticks and the other parts for knob sticks and hiking staves.

Crook Handles
The crook is the most traditional shaped handle. The wooden crooks are produced by a lengthy process of steaming and bending but you can also buy acrylic handles. Crooks can be hooked over your arm or an object to free up the users hands.

Shepherd's Crook Handle
A shepherd's crook is a tall crooked stick with a large crook handle for pulling sheep out of ditches. Good for nativity plays too.

Knob Stick Handle
Knob sticks have a ball shaped handle which is designed to be leaned on in the middle of the palm. They are very strong sticks being made from a single piece of wood.

Thumbstick & Wading Stick Handle
These handles are held by hooking your thumb over the bottom of the V. The handle should be at roughly shoulder height and the stick is held with your arm crooked so that the elbow is pointing downwards.

Lyre Handle
This is the same as a thumbstick handle, just a little fancier! They are usually made out of buffalo horn. You will find these from time to time in the handmade section or we can have one made to order for you.

Cross Head Handle
This handle is at a right angle to the shaft. The handle is formed when the root or branch grows at a right angle to the shaft. Cross head sticks are very strong as they are one-piece walking sticks.

Curly Rams Horn Handle
The Ram's horn is heated, compressed, formed and polished to create a very beautiful handle. These are expensive and very high quality walking sticks that have involved hours and hours of skilled work. You will never find a cheap ram's horn handled walking stick.

Market Stick Handle
Market Stick are direct descendants of Shepherd's crooks and the handle is meant to be leant on with arms folded over it.

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